We work with Children’s HopeChest to connect with a “CarePoint” community in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Children’s HopeChest is an organization that connects churches and other communities in the US and Canada with impoverished communities of orphans overseas. They work through indigenous ministries to serve local children and families. The Merkato CarePoint is located in the center of Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. The area is densely populated and deeply impoverished, resulting in a high number of orphans and vulnerable children, many of whom are forced to work, prostitute themselves, or live on the streets at an early age.

A local church, Merkato Sebategna Emanuel United Church, has chosen to locate in the heart of this area in order to attempt to minister to these children and their families. Pastor Getahun and his body, though in poverty themselves, are passionate and sacrificial in their efforts to serve the Merkato children. By partnering with this community, we as a church can have a long-term, transformational impact on the children and the community. You can learn more about this joint effort by visiting here. 

We have several opportunities to support Merkato:

  1. Sponsorship
    • Sponsorship provides food, education, and Christian discipleship for the children. Please contact Susan Kyner if you are interested in sponsoring a child. As a church body, we will have the opportunity to come to know these children over the coming years and to participate in God’s transforming work in their lives and community. Additionally, we will have opportunities to raise funds for capital projects such as building wells, renovating local homes, providing job training and “seed money” for small businesses, and more.
  2. Visiting
    • We also hope to travel to Merkato on a yearly basis to provide support to the local staff and to demonstrate God’s love to the children in person. Please pray for the children, Pastor G, the Merkato community, and for God to lead us in this endeavor.