Preface: Our Call to Love

We are called to worship and be discipled corporately, and we are called to love and serve one another.

If we are one of Christ’s disciples, we are called to disciple and be discipled by others. Further, Scripture tells us that we each have primary responsibility for our brothers and sisters within our local covenanted body at JPBC. The leadership at JPBC is committed to creating a culture of personal discipleship. We envision a church where our members are actively involved in each others’ lives for the purpose of encouragement, correction, accountability, and showing each other grace and forgiveness in the gospel.  The elders/pastors are called to equip and encourage the saints in this work for purposes of building up the entire body under the headship of Christ.

Our discipleship takes place through two main areas: through corporate worship and fellowship and through members' discipleship and care.

Discipleship takes place as we gather together to hear from God and care for one another in our corporate worship on Sunday morning, our focused studies in Sunday school, and in our fellowship time on Wednesday night. These three services are what the pastor likes to call the "corporate diet" of the church and provide a unique way to feed, encourage, and edify the body.