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We believe God’s Word is our sole authority in how we worship him, what we believe, and how we live.  The Word become Flesh is our only hope of salvation.  Jesus, the Word of God, has come to perfectly and finally reveal God and his good will.  He took on a human nature to live the life we ought and to die the death we deserve.  He is our savior by becoming our substitute.  We are united as believers by submitting to Christ our Head and he has spoken to us in his Word.  The Word preached is the central focus of our worship service and we are committed to expositional preaching.


We are “reformed” because we believe that God, in his good grace, is sovereign and we are not. Generally speaking, we must begin with the “solas” of the Protestant Reformation.

  • Scripture Alone — Scripture is our sole authority in matters of doctrine, teaching, and practice. Scripture is inerrant and infallible. God has revealed his truth there for all churches at all times.

  • In Christ Alone — Our salvation is dependent upon Christ alone as his death alone provides forgiveness of sin and his resurrected life is our only hope. Jesus was the divine Son who took on a complete human nature and was without sin. He died for sinful men taking the wrath of God they deserve upon himself.

  • By Faith Alone — The only means by which the death of Christ provides forgiveness is our dependence upon him by faith. Our works do not add to the gospel or our standing with Christ. Works are the fruit of faith; they do not complete it.

  • Through Grace Alone — Our salvation is not earned or deserved. It is a free gift from God whereby the Father has sent his Son to die for us and the Spirit has been sent to apply the Son’s work to us. We receive the gift and the giver undeserved.

  • For God’s Glory Alone — The purpose of our lives and our salvation is for the glory of God. He is the chief end of man.

Further, we believe that all men are totally depraved and dead in their sin. This means that we not only need the death of Christ to forgive us for our sins, we also need the Spirit to regenerate our hearts and give us faith to recognize the work of Jesus. Thus, the goal of everything we do as a church is to exalt Christ, so that the Spirit can lead all whom the Father calls to him. We do not trust in our own power or ability to draw others; we depend on the work of God.

Finally, we have a confession of faith.


A Baptist Church shares many doctrines and practices with other denominations.  We are Orthodox in our doctrine of the Trinity.  We are Protestant and Reformed. As members of the Southern Baptist Convention, we subscribe to the Baptist Faith and Message

Below are the theological convictions that are distinctive to Baptists:

A Baptist Church insists on the authority and clarity of Scripture. This then leads into the Baptist distinctive of soul competency. This is the belief that each person is individually responsible and capable of discerning God’s truth. This distinctive is healthy when it leads believers into a personal, deep study of God’s Word searching for truth. It is unhealthy when it leads believers to an individualism that causes divisions within a body. Soul competency must be complemented by a recognition that many truths are difficult and that God has given us as body to help us understand his Word better.

A Baptist Church insists on the autonomy of the local church. This is why every Baptist church is different. We are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, but this does not meant that the convention has any authority over the local body. It means we agree with the SBC in doctrine and believe it is beneficial to partner with them for the purpose of providing for missionaries (IMB/NAMB) and the training of pastors (seminaries). The leaders and the body of JPBC are ultimately responsible for deciding how to best follow Scripture and its clear prescriptions for the church.

A Baptist Church believes that only those who have made a clear confession of Christ as savior are the only proper subjects of baptism.  In short, we are committed to believers baptism and we only practice baptism by immersion.

A Baptist Church believes in regenerate church membership.  Only confessing Christians are members and the church leadership is responsible for ensuring that the body is made up of believers.  While this is often times difficult to do because we cannot ultimately see the heart, we are given the responsibility to judging the confession of faith and the fruit of that confession.

While we do not pretend to be a church that has it all together, we hope to be a church that is unified around the gospel in Christ and fulfilling his work

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