Our nursery is for children under four years old. We work to make it a safe and caring environment for your children.

For children in the nursery, please bring

  • A labeled diaper bag
  • Sufficient amount of diapers (disposable)
  • Change of clothes
  • Bottle or sippy cup (labeled)
  • Pacifier and keeper if your child uses one
  • List of instructions if necessary

The nursery hostess will greet you and give you a tag with a pager number so that the nursery can alert you if necessary.

To help prevent problems with allergies, please do not bring a snack for your child unless you plan to come and give it to him or her. The nursery will often provide a small snack during the morning worship service.

Nursing mothers can use a private nursing room as needed. The hostess can provide more information.

Only workers and children are permitted in the nursery.

Health Guidelines

Children cannot be admitted to the nursery with any of these conditions:

  1. Fever greater than 100F within the last 24 hours,
  2. Runny nose with thick mucus or persistent coughing,
  3. Undiagnosed or contagious rashes,
  4. Diarrhea or vomiting,
  5. Impetigo, pink eye,
  6. Other contagious conditions

Training (Fellowship Hall)

We try to be as family-friendly as possible and encourage families to worship together whenever possible. We do have a Training area in the fellowship hall that is for families with small children who might not be able to sit through the entire service. There is a live video feed of the service and parents may use it to train their children to participate in the service without causing distractions.