Sunday School

Sunday School classes begins at 9am on Sunday mornings.


A verse-by-verse study through the book of Revelation.
Where: Kitchen
Teacher: Ben Bullard

Biblical Theology

The Biblical Theology Sunday School class will walk you through theology in the larger narrative of God's word. It will focus in on God's kingdom, tracing His grand purposes from the pattern displayed in the beginning to their perfect fulfillment in the end.
Where: FH2 (Adjacent to Fellowship Hall)
Teacher: Sam Crosby


Followers of Christ know the joy of a life set free from sin and brought into a relationship with Christ that is eternal.  The Christian life, though, is far more than “getting saved” and waiting for heaven.  As wonderful as that is, God has even more in store for us.  We were created and redeemed for something more: to live our lives in Christ today.  All ladies are welcome.
Where: FH1 (Adjacent to Fellowship Hall)
Teacher: Anne Evick